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FFpower P2001 Portable Power Station 2000Wh

FFpower P2001 Portable Power Station 2000Wh

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2000Wh Power Supply, For Any Emergency Back Up

Coffee Maker(1150W) 1.4 Hrs Electric Grill(1100W) 1.4 Hrs
Air Conditioner(446 watts) 3.6 Hrs CPAP (40W) 40.5 Hrs
Car Fridge(70W) 23 Hrs TV (80W) 20 Hrs
Projector (100W) 16.2 Hrs Desktop PC (200W) 8.1 Hrs
Hair Dryer (1500W) 1 Hrs Heater (1000W) 1.62 Hrs

2000Wh fully charge in 1.5hrs, 16 Ports for All

1600W ultra-fast charging speed, 2000Wh fully charge in 1.5hrs, 1100W AC input + 500W Anderson input, allowing you to get a lithium iron phosphate battery that can be used for 3500 cycles in a short time. 1100W charging time for AC input alone is 2hrs, and 500W Anderson input alone is 5hrs with solar panels when outgoing traveling.

Unpredictable in Life, Prepare in Advance

NOTE: Please use the AC Charging Cable included in the package for fast charging. Do not use other cables to charge.

FFpower P2001

Bi-directional Interver Technology - Charge 100% in 2Hrs

LiFePO4, Safer Power Type & Longer Usage Life

Non Explode LiFePO4 with UL

FFpower lithium iron phosphate battery has undergone many fire, and still maintains the excellent performance of no explosion or fire.

3500 Times Usage Life

LiFePO4, the longest life cycle battery. You would have 3500 Times of Life Cycle and 70% usage, 10 years of usage when you have a FFpower P2001.

BMS + Coulomb calculation

With a coulomb calculation method, which can visualize the loaded device power and the remaining lifepo4 battery usage time through precise control of the current.

Overload Protector

To protect this product, an overload protector is added. Prevent damage to the product due to excessive AC input current caused by lightning and power grid fluctuations.

Can Really be used as a UPS

Playing Games
Sleeping with CPAP
Heater in Winter
Home Security

As long as the FF power P2001 is connected to the wall AC plug and the middle of the device, when there is a sudden home power failure, FFpower will automatically switch to UPS Power Supply within 10ms to keep the computer, and refrigerator, fish tanks, alarm system and any devices which under 1100W continue to work. It is the best choice as emergency home use backup power supply.

Professional Power

Keep Track of Your Power

MPPT controller automatically adjusts the fastest and safest charging power according to the passed voltage and current, so that the delivered power does not damage the battery and is close to 100% effective.

Multiple LED modes

SOS mode: Double-click the button to enter the SOS mode. Lighting mode: 2W LED, 3 levels of brightness adjustable.

Easy to Carry

P2001 is designed with 2 aluminum alloy handles on each side and a storage box on the top for the easy-carry and convenient cables organization.

Pure Sine Wave

Pure sine wave AC output, will not cause damage to your CPAP or car refrigerator.

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